Buck sightings, I’ve heard and seen several different things going on right now.  Typically, this time of year, bucks are grouped up and concentrated on food.  This week, I’ve definitely heard reports of this, but I’ve also had a couple of other reports.  One report was from a pro staffer who witnessed bucks cruising.  He had a couple of different bucks cruising thru his property and they didn’t appear to be just passing thru.  They were seeking a doe.  This is rare this time of year, but not unheard of.

This report did catch my attention though.  I thought I had seen a buck tending a doe on my trail camera photos this past week, around January 1st.  Granted, I deleted that card for some reason.  The only two deer in the photos were a buck and a doe and he seemed to be staying close to her.  Anytime she was in the picture, he was close by.  Where there are high densities of does, there very well could be a doe that has come back into estrous.  Maybe she didn’t get bred during the main breeding phases of the rut or just maybe this years fawn has come in.  Either way, I believe some tending and breeding has taken place this past week.  This is not the first year I’ve noticed it.  A couple of years ago, around this time, I know I had photos of this taking place. (Cover Photo)

My conclusion, it all depends on where you are located.   Breeding is definitely sparse, but I do believe it is occurring in some spots.  When I get back in the field, I will definitely key in on the food, I won’t be hunting my funnels like I do in the rut.  If you find large deer densities, that is where you should hunt.  If you are lucky and a doe is hot, you may have a few more bucks in the area compared to normal.