This is a deer I called Studley. He was my target buck that year and I was fortunate enough to harvest him on my first encounter.

Drew Ramage (Member) – I grew up hunting small game and deer with my Dad in Western Kentucky.  Once I turned 16, I was in the woods every free moment and I still am to this day. The time I’ve devoted to my pursuit of whitetails is mind blowing and I‘ve learned a lot over the past 25+ years.  I am married to my wonderful wife Shae and we have two blessings from Heaven in a boy named Ross and our daughter Riley.  I work at Signet Federal Credit Union as a loan officer and in my free time I’m thinking about Whitetails.

I hunt private land in Western Kentucky ranging from 20 acres to 80 acres in size.  I may not have huge tracts of land to hunt, but do everything in my power to stack the odds in my favor.  I have neighbors that share the same hunting values I do, plus the cover and food that Whitetails desire.  My success rate has been very consistent for the last few years and I have been lucky enough to harvest my target buck the last four years.

Hopefully, I can share the knowledge I have gained in a way that is applicable to your hunting situation.  We all have our reasons for why we hunt, but one thing is certain, we are drawn to whitetails.


Benji's BuckBenji Stringer (Member) – I have over 30 years of knowledge hunting whitetail deer, turkey, and catching all species of fish on Kentucky and Barkley Lake. I fished the LBL division of the BFL (FLW) competitively for about 6 years on both lakes and rivers and I won the first ever River City Bass Club Tournament on the Tennessee River in 2005. I have killed several P&Y class bucks and have tagged out on Turkeys since the late 90s.  I ‘ve hunted Waterfowl in Western Kentucky since I was 10 years of age, and still enjoy that very much. I  have two daughters Edyn and Izabel. 

The property I hunt is spread out between Livingston, McCracken, and Graves Counties in Kentucky and a lease in Southern Illinois. I managed Dunn’s Sporting Goods from 2004 until 2011, and owned Dunn’s Outdoors until 2014.  Currently I work at Kentucky Lake Outdoors.

My passion for hunting and fishing is second to my passion for people and helping them in the outdoors.  I plan to utilize these skills to help this online show be a success.  


Tony Profile Pic

Tony with a mature 8 point buck he harvested in 2012

Tony Houser (Member) – I began quail hunting with my father and brother in Western Kentucky at the age of seven. Although I was not allowed to pack a shotgun that first year, I could walk along and watch the dogs work. Little did I know that the experience would spark my desire to hunt and ignite a love for the outdoors. The following May I received my first gun, a H&R single shot 4-10 shotgun, on my eighth birthday. I began shooting still targets and skeet later that fall. I smoked my first squirrel, rabbit, quail, and Canadian goose the fall and winter of 1979. In this era, the late 70s to the mid 80s, there were very few whitetail deer and wild turkeys in Western Kentucky, so small game hunting and fishing were a way of life for me the next few years. My dad took me fishing with him at an early age on Kentucky Lake. Being so young, I would fish a while and sleep a while. This experience has given me many fond memories of Kentucky Lake fishing and camping with family and friends. In the mid 80s my dad’s cousin spotted some deer on one of his farms while planting crops. This discovery motivated me to work all summer to raise enough money to buy my first bow. I hung my squirrel climbing stand and connected with a large doe that fall. I was a member of the local bow club and won the largest doe of the year. She field dressed 118 pounds and I was so proud. To this day, I still have the trophy. Since then I have been drawn to whitetails, trying to get the edge on harvesting mature bucks.

With abundant numbers of migratory geese in Western Kentucky, I began guiding for waterfowl. I was very fortunate to learn how to mouth call and shoot at an early age. This allowed me to join my uncles, cousins, and brothers-in-law on their hunting trips. I still enjoy waterfowl hunting and currently rent a farm in Ballard County, Kentucky. My passion continued to grow for hunting and I had heard about turkey hunting in the late 80s and early 90s. With this knowledge, a friend and I began hunting turkey in Southeast Missouri. During that time, Kentucky did not have a turkey season, and did not establish a turkey season until 1996. Since then we have traveled to Alabama, Nebraska, Illinois, and Tennessee in pursuit of long beards. I have traveled to two provinces of Canada in pursuit of waterfowl and have made that trip numerous times.

I am currently employed with the Kentucky Department of Transportation as an Engineering Tech III. I am lucky to have a loving wife Krista, and two wonderful boys, Noah and Nevan.. They have been hunting since they were big enough to get around . They have both killed dove, numerous small game, and whitetail deer with a rifle, muzzle-loader, slug gun and bow. They have grown up into very fine outdoorsmen, but even better young men.

Dale's Second Bird

Dale Wilson with his second bird of the season.



Dale Wilson (Member) – I have been hunting and fishing for 50 years and one of my fondest memories was at age 11.  I remember walking to a farm pound half a mile from my house at daylight and catching a 6.5 pound largemouth, it was so exciting.  I hunted quail, rabbits and squirrels with a pellet gun until I got an Ithaca shotgun at age 12.  My Papa took me hunting and fishing a lot during my teenage years and I was hooked.

At the age of 14 I started bow hunting with a recurve bow, but didn’t harvest my first deer until I was 16.  I can tell you one thing, I missed a bunch before and after my first kill.  In the early 80’s I started shooting compound bows and me and my two buddies hunted Ballard every weekend.

I have spent countless hours in the woods hunting all kinds of game.  In 1981 I started hunting turkeys and had to go to Crittenden County because they did not have a turkey season in my area.  This was my first hunt for turkeys and I got one and have been hooked ever since.   I’ve hunted deer and turkey all over LBL in Kentucky and Tennessee.  I don’t claim to even be close to a “Master” hunter, but I have gained a lot of knowledge of woodsmanship over the years.  Most of my hunting now is with my grandchildren and I love it.  Hopefully, thru Drawn To Whitetails I can share some things I have learned over the years to help others be successful.

I am married to my best friend of 40 years, Debbie (Matheny) Wilson.  We have three daughters, Kelly, Sara and Sheena. and are blessed with 7 grandchildren.  I am employed by Northwind Services as a Radiological Control Technician at the old PGDP in Paducah, KY.  I was a taxidermist for 25 year, but now I own and operate Wilson Archery at 525 Stacks Lane, Wingo, KY.  My wife is self-employed as a cosmetologist at Salon Elite in Mayfield, KY.  I am really excited about our journey as D2W, God Bless and Hunt Hard.




ted with turkey fan




Ted Cole – Hunts several different game in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois.  He has years of experience and is ready for the challenge of capturing his hunts on film.  He has harvested several mature bucks, waterfowl and wise Ol’ Toms.



Adam Clark

Adam Clark



Josh Riley & Adam Clark – This team hunts in the Western Kentucky area as well.  They hunt a variety of game and put in the time and effort to stack the odds in their favor.  This is a year long venture for this team.  They shed hunt in March, put food plots in and strive to produce quality deer and turkey.  Once season rolls around, they are in a tree from September till the end of season in January.




Robert McWhorter & Justin Brosmer – This team is located in Southern Indiana and is the farthest from our base of Paducah, Kentucky.  They have years of hunting experience and some large deer roaming their neck of the woods.  We are looking forward to what they bring to the table for D2W.