Drawn to Whitetails has been blessed with the opportunity to conduct a weekly radio show.  If you missed a radio show, don’t fret.  You can listen to any of our radio shows as a podcast right here.

Predator Hunting With Ben McIntosh

On this week's show of Drawn to Wildlife Ben McIntosh shares his insights from 20 plus years of predator hunting.  Predator hunting is another great way to be afield in January, February and March, plus it can greatly benefit your farms.  Enjoy!

Trapping With Dennis Redden

Do you want to see more deer, turkeys, rabbits and other small game on your property?  If so, consider the trade of trapping.  Dennis Redden joins us to discuss this topic in-depth on Drawn to Wildlife radio.  We hope you enjoy!

Catching Crappie In January with Steve Hunt

It might be cool outside, but when you get a nice day, you can catch crappie in January.  This week Steve Hunt calls into discuss tactics for catching slabs of crappie this time of year.  We hope you enjoy!

Rabbit Hunting with Brian Thomas

Do you have a little cabin fever and just want to get outdoors?  Is so, try rabbit hunting!  This is a great way to get kids active in the outdoors and you can do it with or without dogs.  Brian Thomas calls-in this week to talk about this activity in-depth.  We hope...

Late Season Deer Hunting

One of my favorite times to deer hunt is January.  Why, because deer are so stinkin patternable.  This week, Jacob Whitehall, of Whitetail Properties, joins us to discuss this topic.  We hope you enjoy and if you haven't tagged out already, it is not too late.

Drawn To Christ Ricky Walden and Lyle Sinkey

Christmas is upon us, along with the close of 2018.  With a new year right around the corner why not make sure your relationship with Jesus is right and be Drawn to Christ.  Ricky Walden and Lyle Sinkey share their stories of faith on this week's show.  We hope you...

Finding A Place To Hunt

Every year a lot of people have to find a new place to hunt for one reason or another.  This week we will share tips on things to do when you start that type of hunt.  We hope you enjoy!  

Duck Hunting From A Layout Boat

A different, fun, and effective way to duck hunt is using a layout boat and hunting for Diver Ducks.  Kristan Sacharnoski will explain this style of duck hunting to us in detail. If you ever get an opportunity to hunt ducks this way, you've got to try it!  It's a...

Post Rifle Season Hunting Tactics

Rifle season in Kentucky has just concluded and the rut is winding down.  The deer have been pressured heavily and the deer will be shifting patterns.  How should we as hunters adjust?  Take a listen here to get our thoughts.  Enjoy!

Kile Jones 2018 World Goose Calling Champion

Kile Jones, the 2018 World Goose Calling Champion, joins us this week to talk about the calling competition he just won and shares tips on calling to waterfowl.  Plus, he tells us about how the waterfowl season has gone thus far,the Power Call he uses and the exciting...


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