Drawn to Whitetails has been blessed with the opportunity to conduct a weekly radio show.  If you missed a radio show, don’t fret.  You can listen to any of our radio shows as a podcast right here.

Duck Hunting From A Layout Boat

A different, fun, and effective way to duck hunt is using a layout boat and hunting for Diver Ducks.  Kristan Sacharnoski will explain this style of duck hunting to us in detail. If you ever get an opportunity to hunt ducks this way, you've got to try it!  It's a...

Post Rifle Season Hunting Tactics

Rifle season in Kentucky has just concluded and the rut is winding down.  The deer have been pressured heavily and the deer will be shifting patterns.  How should we as hunters adjust?  Take a listen here to get our thoughts.  Enjoy!

Kile Jones 2018 World Goose Calling Champion

Kile Jones, the 2018 World Goose Calling Champion, joins us this week to talk about the calling competition he just won and shares tips on calling to waterfowl.  Plus, he tells us about how the waterfowl season has gone thus far,the Power Call he uses and the exciting...

Good Hero Shot Pictures

Once you've caught that big fish, harvested that beautiful gobbler or got your trophy buck, you need to take the time to take good pictures.  This week, Jacob Whitehall, videographer for Whitetails Properties joins us to share some tips to make your hero shots as good...

Taxidermy Tips

Once you harvest your trophy buck, there are some things you need to do/not do before you take it to a taxidermist. This week Howard Hicks of Hick's Taxidermy calls-in to share some tips about field prep of your trophy. Enjoy! Hick's Taxidermy – Shoulder mounts $450,...

Tink’s Deer Scent

On this week's podcast, we talk to Lucas Mashtare about the #1 band and #1 performing line of deer scents and lures, Tink's. They have a scent for all phases of the deer season.  Take a listen and learn more about this tactic for getting deer within range for a shot....

Scent Control Dead Down Wind

Something hunters should definitely pay attention to when hunting deer is their scent.  Lucas Mashtare calls in to discuss the scent control process utilizing the Dead Down Wind line of products.  The three main areas are Laundry, Hygiene and Field.  Getcha some to...

Deer Hunting 20 Questions

This is one of our favorite shows to record each year.  We are going to ask a deer related question and Drew Ramage or Josh Yancey is going to answer it.   We cover a wide array of topics and nothing is off limits.  We hope you enjoy!

Calling To Bucks With Harold Knight

An extremely effective way to get bucks closer to your set is to call to them.  This week, Harold Knight joins us to discuss the different calls, techniques, and how to use them when you see a buck.  He also shares how calling to does can be very effective and is...

QDMA Cooperatives

This week Brian Towe of Quality Deer Management Association calls in to discuss a great tool to help neighborhoods see more mature bucks and an overall healthier deer herd.  That tool is QDMA Cooperatives.  Learn more about QDMA Cooperatives and how to start one here!


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