Drawn to Whitetails has been blessed with the opportunity to conduct a weekly radio show.  If you missed the radio show, don’t fret.  You can listen to any of our shows at anytime right here.  Currently, our show airs on LiveTalk 102.5 FM on Sunday mornings at 7:00.

Days Off During The Rut

This show is all about deer hunting.  We discuss our experiences hunting a major cold front, provide the first deer hunting report and then discuss the best days to be off during the rut.  We hope you enjoy this week's jam packed show.

Calling To Bucks

Something that can be very effective during the pre-rut and rut is calling to bucks.  On this week's radio show Clint Courtney calls in to discuss this topic and share some tips that can assist you in calling bucks to your stand location.

Funnels, Scrapes, Acorns

During the pre-rut and rut, funnels and scrapes can work hand in hand to put deer close to your stand.  On this week's show we will talk in depth about these two topics plus how the deer have transitioned to acorns. Also, on October 20th and 21st the first ever WHO...

Dr. Grant Woods

Dr. Grant Woods of Growing Deer TV joins us this week on Drawn to Whitetails to share his knowledge about deer and deer hunting.  We cover an array of topics including, early season calling, hunting in hot weather, the moon, the rut, food plots, and much much more.  ...

Terry Bolton Sept Fishing, Food Plot Design

FLW Pro Terry Bolton stops by to offer spinnerbait tips and things to keep in mind when fishing for bass in September.  Plus, Josh Yancey talks food plot design to assist in killing big bucks.  We hope you enjoy!

Early Season Bow Hunting

On this week's radio show we discuss hunting deer in the early season and opening weekend success.  Plus, we talk about signs to watch for to indicate deer may be transitions to their fall patterns.  We hope you enjoy!

Hunting Small Tracts, King Kat, Early Wood Duck

Lots of things are happening this time of year and D2W is on it.  We will discuss killing big deer on small tracts of land, Todd Pearson talks the Cabela's King Kat tournament that was held in Paducah, KY and Jacob Whitehall shares how to kill ducks in the...

Preparing For The Bow Opener

The bow opener is setting up perfectly to have success.  The moon is in a perfect phase and the weather forecast is very favorable.  Tune in to learn more about how things are lining up for the bow opener and what we expect during dove season.

Squirrels, Dove, Fishing and Deer

It's a fun time of year if you are an outdoorsman.  Squirrel season is open in many states, dove and bow season are right around the corner and fish are starting to bite again.  This week we discuss all these topics and more on D2W Radio.  Enjoy!...

Zach Ferenbaugh of Midwest Whitetails

Zach Ferenbaugh of Midwest Whitetails joins us to talk buck beds, public land hunting and much more.  Zach shares some great information and we have an excellent discussion.  Take a listen, you will enjoy it.

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