PaulThe second weekend of Kentucky rifle has passed.  I saw pictures and posts of some good bucks taken this weekend and I believe the cold weather and fewer does in estrous played a role in their harvest.

My experiences were a little different than those fortunate enough to connect on good bucks.  I was doe hunting the last two evening and got the slip both times.  I saw deer, but they were either on the neighbor’s  property or too far for a clean shot.  Both evenings five or six does and small bucks came out and the small bucks paid not attention to the does.

I filmed Jeremy Case this morning and after completing an obstacle course getting to the stand, we saw several deer.  It was 22 degrees this morning and almost all our sightings were early.  We saw three of four does, 2 decent bucks, 2 small bucks and a coyote.  Still no luck on seeing a mature buck.

blaineI have to give a shout-out to our pro-staff in Illinois.  Paul McBride and Blaine Holloman were both able to harvest management bucks.  Congratulations to Paul and Blaine! We hope to share a little more on these deer in the near future.

I still think hunting funnels or doe bedding areas are good ideas in the morning and feeding areas in the evening.  Fewer does are in estrous and bucks will be hunting for the last remaining hot doe.

Good Luck Everyone!