Well Skunks!  My prediction of early movement a couple of days before the full moon was a bust.  I spoke with about eight people that hunted today and nobody saw much to speak of.  A few does and small bucks, but definitely no mature bucks.  I’m pretty sure that the weather played a big part in the lack of deer movement.  Cloudy and not a big change in temperatures.  Three people that I spoke with saw skunks and coyotes, but no deer.  Sounds like the predators were on the move.

Based off observations afield, trail camera pictures, and reports I’m getting from several people, things are just a few weeks off.  Some say that the moon kicks the rut off, but this year could be proof that debunks that theory.  The full moon is Tuesday and I’m not seeing anything that tells me the rut is about to kickoff.

If we don’t get rained out, Josh and I are going to hop in a tree before the rain hits and see if we can capitalize.  We will keep you posted.

We want to keep Tony’s family in our prayers.  He lost his dad, Bud Houser, yesterday morning.  We are praying for you and your family and are here when you need us!