By Justin Brosmer

My Dad and I have permission to hunt on private land in Indiana.  It’s a small 70 acre tract, and 35 acres of it is in fields.   The fall of 2015 was the second year for us to hunt this piece of property and anticipation was high because of the great success we had in the first season.  We were stoked about getting trail cameras out to scout for what bucks might be using this farm.  For my dad, we set a ladder stand on the edge of the cornfield, where I had success the previous season. My lock-on was set several hundred yards away.  Our cameras and scouting revealed two mature 9-points were utilizing the farm–and the hunt was on.

Justin 9 ptrOn October 29, 2015, I was going to pick Dad up after work when he called and said he couldn’t get off in time to make it.  Normally, I don’t like to hunt by myself, but a cold front had just blown through and it was nearly 20 degrees cooler than the day before.  So I told Dad, “Well, I’ll just hunt your ladder stand then.”  I got to the stand about 5:15 p.m. and settled in. A doe and two fawns came out on the far end of the field like they had every night we hunted, but this time it was an hour earlier than normal.  With these deer being on their feet so early, I knew the big boys could be on their feet too. The doe and fawns filtered back into the woods and then the wind picked up to about 15 MPH. An hour later I heard something to my left and when I looked, I saw a tall rack. I immediately knew this was a mature deer and I wanted to harvest him with my bow. I ranged the edge of the field where I thought he would step out: 35 yards.  As stepped into the corn, I let the arrow fly.  I knew the shot was good as he took off running.  I called my dad and fellow Pro Staffer Bobby McWhorter and they dropped everything they were doing to come help me track my biggest buck ever.  The track job was short as he piled up 60 yards into the woods, a double lung shot. What a night!!!  After scoring and weighing my buck, he was 124 7/8 and weighed in at 185 field dressed.

Justin and Dad w 9 ptrFast forward to November 8th. Dad and I are back at the farm and he is in the ladder stand were I had harvested my 9-pointer 10 days before. The rut was in full swing, but light was fading on the day.  As I sat in my stand, I hear THWACK and knew Dad had just shot a deer–but was it one of the bucks we were after? I gave it a few minutes and texted him. He replies, “Son, I just smoked a big buck and he is dead in the field.”  I climbed down and started heading his way.  I reached the buck first and as I approached I could see the buck was big.  As Dad approached I asked,  “Dad, do you realize what you just shot? This deer is a stud!”  After scoring and weighing Dad’s buck it scored 142 3/8 and also weighed 185 field dressed.

They were killed out of the same stand 10 days apart and they weren’t even the two 9-pointers we had on camera. Needless to say we can’t wait for October 1st here in Indiana.