Turkey season is underway here in Kentucky.  For most of the D2W crew, the hunting has been difficult.  Right off the roost many toms have been henned up and unresponsive to calling.   Your best chance for success is to find a lonely tom and you might have some luck calling him in.  Subordinate gobblers have been responding to calls with a hen decoy and no jakes or tom decoys.  As the season progresses, hens should be going to nest and birds should start responding to calls.  Usually, we see the mid-morning hunts being more productive when this starts to occur.  So, if you don’t get one off the roost, don’t go home.  Try again between 9 and 12.

An encouraging sign is that we appear to have a good number of gobblers this year.  Most mornings afield, numerous gobblers are sounding off.  Music to our ears.  Another promising sign is the number of jakes and that will pay dividends next year.

One last note, don’t forget to hunt in the afternoons.  Afternoon hunts can be very productive.  If you can get a tom to sound off, odds are you can kill that bird.  Hunt in the areas that the birds roost and you can connect on before he goes to bed.

Everyone be safe and we hope you have good hunts!  Don’t give up when the hunts aren’t as easy as you’d hoped.  Perseverance will payoff!