Mature Velvet Buck

A mature velvet buck visiting a Trophy Rock.

Will the cooler, wetter summer assist the bucks in growing bigger racks?  Time will tell, but throughout the years I’ve noticed that when we have milder and wetter summers that the buck’s racks tend to grow bigger.  If you are looking for scientific reasoning or concrete facts, I’m probably going to disappoint you here.  I am not a biologist or doctor, but I am observant.  I don’t have any scientific data to back me up, but I do have years in the field.  I’ve noticed during hot and dry conditions, racks haven’t reached optimal size.  On the contrary, when it is cooler and wetter than normal, racks have been larger.

This summer is starting out cooler and wetter than normal.  With the deer having healthier food, less stress from the heat and a fresh water supply, I hope to see an increase in antler size because of the ideal conditions.   The one thing that concerns me is the late winter.  We had a lot of snow in February and March,

plus cooler than normal temperatures throughout March and into April.  This pushed the green-up back a few weeks and the bucks needed to build-up their bodies before nutrients could start going to rack development.

This has been on my mind and is something to think about as you start observing your bucks throughout the summer.  I know I have definitely enjoyed the cooler temperatures and I wonder if it will pay dividends on our bucks. If you have a thought on this topic, leave a comment.  Again, I don’t have any scientific information to back my thoughts up, but just observations over the past several years.  Maybe I’ll start keeping a journal.

Finally, everyone have a great 4th of July weekend!  Stay safe!  Also, thanks to all the men and women who have served and given us the rights to our freedom!  Happy Birthday USA!!!

Happy 4th of July