First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We celebrated Jesus’s birth and had a wonderful Christmas with our families.

Keep in mind that the weekend after Christmas is a free weekend for our youth to hunt whitetails in Kentucky.  I know the weather is supposed to be terrible for late season hunting, rainy and warm, but if a youngster gets some hunting gear for Christmas, give them a chance to put it to use. You won’t be disappointed.

Two observations to pass along, hunt close to dawn or dusk and hunt high.  These warm temperatures don’t have the deer on their feet much during daylight except during the last few minutes of the afternoon and shortly after dawn.  Also, with all the rain we’ve had, and are going to experience this weekend, hunt high.  The bottoms areas are filling up with water and pushing the deer to the hills.  You could see lots of deer concentrated in high areas.

Try to think like a deer for a second.  If you had your winter coat on, what would you do to stay cool?  First, you wouldn’t move much, unless you had to, and you would try to stay out of the sun.

One last tip for this weekend, hunt near green food sources when the temperatures are warm…Saturday.  I hunted the afternoon of Christmas, it was warm, and deer were hammering a clover and Tecomate plot.  Deer tend to feed on clover, winter wheat or other green food sources when the temperatures are warm.  My Covert cameras have really been showing this trend this past week.

On Sunday afternoon it is supposed to start cooling down a bit, I plan to switch to a cut bean field or cut corn field.

Good Luck Everyone!