With Drawn to Whitetails just kicking off, we wanted to let you know what you can expect from us each week.  On Wednesdays, we will post our weekly show, and on the weekends, we will post something on our blog page.  Our shows and blogs will focus on topics pertaining to what is going on NOW.  We want our content to be relevant and applicable to your current situations.

Each show will have segments by one of our three teams. The teams are: Benji Stringer and Dale Wilson, Tony Houser and Drew Ramage, and Jeremy Case and Josh Yancey. This is what we plan on doing, but with everyone having crazy schedules, things may get shuffled up a bit.  Ultimately, we are one team and in this together.  This is the plan for now based off our geographic location to one another and how we anticipate deer season playing out.

We understand that lives are fast paced, and our goal is to keep our shows as informative as possible.  Sometimes the stories will take longer than usual, but this is our goal.  We aren’t all about the fluff, we are meat and potatoes kind of guys.

Our focus will be on sharing information and we have a reason for this.  We are always trying to better ourselves and our spots, and believe a lot of others are striving to do this too.  We want to share the whys and hows of what we are doing.

When watching BIG deer being killed on hunting shows, most of the times you are left with a bunch of unanswered questions.   Why did they hunt that stand?  What terrain features made them hang that stand in that location?  How did they know which wind to hunt?  How did they enter and exit the location?  Was that their farm or was it a guided hunt?  What history did they have with that buck?  Etc. Etc. Etc.

We want to share all the information we have with our viewers.  Hopefully, you can relate to it and it can help you with your sets. This last story tells it best for me.  Last year, after I harvested my buck, I was fortunate enough to hunt with my buddy.  Sharing the knowledge I had learned from scouting and hunting my farms, I was able to help him connect on his buck.  Hunting with him and assisting him on harvesting his trophy gave me great joy, plus it helped prolong my time in the woods.

We hope this post helps you know what to expect from us going forward.  Please click on our “About Us” page to learn more about “Who We Are.”