Opening Day, Saturday April 18th – Time for all the scouting and listening to payoff.  Well, it put all of us in the game, but pro-staffer Dale Wilson was the only one to connect.  The rest of us had birds all around us, but wouldn’t commit to our sets because of hens. Tony and I had a gobbler in our field for three hours strutting 150 yards away, but never came to our decoys or calling.  Josh and Jeremy had birds close as well, but wouldn’t commit either.  Dale had encounters this morning, but his tom was intercepted by a hen before he made it in.  Jakes and hens came right to the middle of his set.  Later in the afternoon, Dale closed the deal on the gobbler because of his afternoon scouting.  Rain in the forecast tonight and in the morning.  I hope it is not pouring.  If it isn’t, we will be out there.