Well, I anticipated this morning being a lot better than it turned out to be, with the front moving thru last night.  All movement was the same as it has been all week, right at dawn.  Josh and I saw 6 does shortly after daybreak, but evidently the wind swirled and one of the mature does got a whiff of us.  They didn’t blow, but went the other way in a quick manner.  Other members of our pro-staff experienced very little movement too.

This afternoon we could see the effect of the front that blew thru.  Deer came out well before dusk and were active feeding and chasing.  We ended up seeing the first deer of the afternoon at 3:30, a spike.  Around 4:00, we had a couple of does feed into the cornfield and then a five pointer followed.  About 25 minutes before dark, Josh caught a glimpse of a mature buck, but we could not tell how much head gear he possessed.  He passed thru an opening for just a moment and never came into the cornfield we were sitting over.

It was great to see deer on their feet well before dark and anticipate this to continue with the cooler air entering our region.  Fellow member, Benji, drew back on a good ten pointer this evening, but could not find an opening for a shot.  Hopefully, we can close the deal on a mature buck this weekend.  We are on the cusp of deer really getting active….I hope.

One other note, this is the third time Josh and I have hunted this area in the past five days.  On each sit, we have experience a coyote or bobcat.  We have also noticed lots of pictures of these critters on our trail cameras.  We plan to thin them out in the near future.  The coyotes would not come in close enough for a bow shot and the bobcat is not in season yet.  Naturally, the bobcat was close enough

Good luck everyone!