Drawn to Whitetails has been blessed with the opportunity to conduct a weekly radio show.  If you missed the radio show, don’t fret.  You can listen to any of our shows at anytime right here.  Currently, our show airs on LiveTalk 102.5 FM on Sunday mornings at 7:00.

Matt Drury Deercast

This week D2W is blessed to have Matt Drury of Drury Outdoors join us to discuss their brand new app, Deercast.  The Drury's have tapped into their years of deer hunting experience and share that knowledge with their followers on the free App Deercast.  Plus, we might...

The Hunting Public

Greg, Jake and Zach of The Hunting Public join us to discuss the 2018 Deer Tour, Mapping Whitetails, and why you should hunt mornings during the early season.  These guys are as real as it it gets and this is definitely worth the listen!

Paddle Board Fishing

Rick Stevens calls in to discuss an effective and fun way to fish and that is paddle board fishing.  Rick is very proficient with this style of fishing in both fresh water and salt water and shares his thoughts on the topic.  We hope you enjoy this one as much as we...

Stan Potts Early Season Bucks

Stan Potts shares some great states to hunt early season bucks and effective strategies to put them within bow range.  What a great topic for this time of year.  Plus, he tells some great stories from his years of hunting.  You don't want to miss this week's show. ...

Kelly Turner Drury Outdoors Team Member

On this week's podcast Kelly Turner, Drury Outdoors Team Member, stops by to talk about his first year with Drury Outdoors, how his 2017 season went and tactics that will lead to success in 2018.  We hope you enjoy this week's show with an outstanding guest, Kelly...

Get Your Bow Ready Now

Dale Wilson shares why the first of August is good time to get your bow to the archery shop and pickup any accessories you might need.  Don't wait until right before season when archery shops are hoping and parts might have to be ordered.  

Mark Wright of Idols Aside

Mark Wright of Idols Aside joins D2W to discuss his ministry and the epidemic of fatherless kids in our communities.  The statistics speak for themselves about what can happen to kids if they don't have the influence of a father in their lives.  If you want to help be...

Fall Food Plots Work

Do you want to attract and see more deer this fall?  If so, plant a fall food plot!  This week on D2W Steve Scott of Whitetail Institute calls in to discuss this topic in great detail.  Establishing food plots are a great way to attract, develop and hold more deer...

Summer Bass With Mark Menendez

On this week's show, Mark Menendez shares tips for catching bass during the summer.  Plus, we will discuss the huge topic in the river system around Western Kentucky and Tennessee, the Asian Carp.  We hope you enjoy the informative segment on catching bass when the...

Summertime Shooting, Scouting and Fishing

Josh Yancey calls in to discuss summertime scouting, shooting and fishing.  We go in depth on ways to make you more accurate when shooting your bow, tips for summertime scouting for deer and summertime fishing.  We hope you enjoy!

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