Well, the front has passed, dropping 4 inches of rain in the past few days.  With the weather turning more favorable and the November calendar more than half way gone, look for Mature bucks to get more active again.  The reason, most  does have been bred, but mature bucks will still be looking for the last remaining does entering estrous.

My observations…I am starting to see more and more does emerging from their hiding places and the little bucks aren’t harassing them anymore.  This means fewer does are in estrous and the mature bucks have to search to find a hot doe.  Plus, little bucks are giving up as fewer does are in estrous and mature bucks are claiming the remaining does.

My plan is to hunt funnels or near doe bedding areas in the morning and food sources in the evenings.  The reason, does will be going back to bed during the day and bucks will be checking their bedrooms in the morning.  In the afternoon, deer will be hitting food sources to start preparing for colder weather.  Bucks will be there to, checking the does and possible grabbing a bite to eat.

I will continue to hunt mornings until the end of November and then return to afternoon hunts only in December and January.  As the rut ends, bucks will not be on their feet in the mornings like they have been.

Now, until the end of Kentucky’s rifle season, I will be focusing on harvesting does off my farms/lease.  The doe to buck ratio is skewed heavily on the side of does and I have to get it more inline.  If you have the same problem, get a youngster involved.  Take them hunting and introduce them to the outdoors.  I’ve been hunting with my son the last few afternoons and seeing his excitement for any deer is a joy.

Good luck everyone!