Josh and I hunted today, and to sum it up, we came so close!  We started off in a place that I had scouted and had a bird pegged.  On Thursday morning, he was right where we needed him to be.  This morning, not a peep.  As we waited for daylight to appear we never heard a gobble, but did notice boot prints in the mud.  Evidently, someone beat me to the punch and harvested this bird or changed his routine.  That is how it goes and off to the next farm.

We quickly regrouped and found another bird strutting with three hens and made our move.  We got in his area and had him and his harem within 65 yards of our set for 2 hours.  Unfortunately, he never got any closer.  It was a great experience, and just added to the enjoyment and frustration of our season.

This afternoon, basically the same thing happened for Josh.  He found a bird and he was answering his calls.  He worked in close, but never got close enough for a shot.  The bird actually worked all the way around his set, but a nearby neighbor started working in his yard and the bird hushed and moved off.

At least we have found a couple of birds and maybe, just maybe, we can connect tomorrow.

Be safe my fellow hunters!

Tenn Turkey

Gobbler strutting with some hens.