Dale In the MudThree things were done this weekend, Stands, Sheds, and Mineral Sights.

Well, it was weekend number 2 of putting stands up on our new hunting lease.  Unfortunately, we made a boo boo and don’t have any pictures of the stands.  We will follow up with explaining these sets in the near future.  We feel that these stands are the best yet because of deer sign, but just as importantly entry and exit is very good.  Gotta go undetected!!!

Dale found a great place where water, treetops from a recent cutting and the terrain put three trails intersecting in one location.  Can’t wait to hunt this spot this fall.  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend to hang sets.

Buck Shed Close UpNext weekend, the plan is to take a break from hanging stands and start looking for sheds.  Earlier this week Josh went to one of his farms to look for sheds and saw tons of antlers, but they where still attached to the deer.  He backed out and we hope they will drop in another week or so.  It is good to know the bucks are on the property.

The picture to the right was taken by our Covert camera on March 3rd.  I zoomed in to show that this buck recently shed his antlers.  Other bucks should be following suite very soon.


Deer Coming to lucky Buck Close UpFinally, we’ve put a couple of mineral sites out in the past few weeks and this picture shows the deer finding and utilizing our Lucky Buck sight.  With antlers dropping and does getting into the later parts of their pregnancy’s, putting out or freshening mineral sights is a great thing to do to help your deer herd.  These nutrients can give the deer the boost they need before spring kicks off.

Stay tuned to see if we find any sheds.  It will be nice to see if we can find some of the wintering areas of the bucks we will be hunting this fall.