Every free moment I have during the last hour of daylight, I’m scouting bean fields. Right before dark, deer emerge from cover to fill their bellies with soy beans. This is a great time to try and find out which mature bucks are roaming around.

moon-649855__180I know some people believe whole heartedly that the moon plays a role in deer movement and some say it doesn’t effect them at all. If you know me, you know I am a believer in the fore-mentioned thought. Past experiences have led me to believe this about the moon and it’s affect on deer movement. I do not have scientific evidence to back up my theory, just time in the woods. I’ve paid attention to the moon and deer movement and have seen the correlation.  Why do I bring this up in July, because we are approaching a full moon. The two or three evenings prior to the night of the full moon, get out and scout. Look for velvet bucks because I believe they will be on their feet and appearing in the bean fields before dark. Now, the night of the full moon and night right before the full moon, deer seem to wait until dart before they emerge. Why not, they have a huge flashlight in the sky.

Finally, get your family involved. Take a little ride in the country and see what you can see. Play a game as drive down the road, see who can see the most deer first, who finds the biggest buck, most fawns, or the most bucks. No telling what else you might see, but better yet you are spending time admiring God’s creation with your family.

May God Bless!

Drew Ramage