Well, for most of us this season has been….weird.  The birds just aren’t gobbling or reacting to calls and sets like they normally do.  A couple of crews heard birds gobble on the roost and then hit the ground and absolutely nothing.  Once again I did see a lot of activity between 8:30 and 10:00.  Four hens came in the field along with 3 jakes.  We lightly called to the jakes and they ran in the woods, go figure.

We do have one pro-staffer who has been apart of 4 kills, two kills for himself and two for his grandson Alec.  Dale Wilson has had a great season.  This morning he scouted one of his properties for trespassers to start the day, but once they didn’t show he went to his blind.  At 9:42 he had his second tag filled.  The tom worked into his set, attacked his jake decoy and then stayed around for several minutes before Dale put the smack down.   Stay tuned for the footage in about a week.