If you are like me, over the last few years it sure seems like the turkey numbers are in decline.  This week, Kevin Kelly and Zak Danks of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife call-in to discuss this issue in-depth.

Declining turkey numbers isn’t isolated to Western Kentucky.  Middle Tennessee, Arkansas, New York and other areas are experiencing the same things.  What is going on and what can we do to help the turkey numbers rebound.

To learn more about go to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife website:  https://fw.ky.gov/Hunt/Pages/Spring-Turkey-Hunting.aspx

About an email address where folks can submit game camera photos, here is the email address: KYTurkey@ky.gov. If folks have interesting photos to share Zak is happy to receive them.

In addition to a summary of the spring hunting guide, attached in blue are informational reports. NWTF SB Mtg 1-6-20192018 KY Turkey Status Report – SEWTWG