Recently, Drew purchased a boat and wanted to share some things to consider when buying a boat.  Maybe if you are in the same boat, these thoughts can assist you with your boat purchase.

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Know what you are willing to pay or can afford.
  3. Look at a few boats.  Talk to dealers and look online.
  4. Once you find a boat, inspect it.  Look at the boat, motor, and trailer.
  5. Look up the value on NADA or Kelly Blue Book.  Get the value of the boat, motor and trailer.
  6. Is the seller throwing in any accessories?  batteries, trolling motor, life jackets, anchors, electronics, etc.
  7. Once you’ve settled on a price, check the title.  Does the title have a lien against it?  If so, check needs to be made payable to the seller and the bank.
  8. Good Luck!