With the conclusion of the 2015 Kentucky rifle season, now is a perfect time to see which bucks made it thru gun season.  Starting this weekend, the Drawn to Whitetail crew will be putting out our Covert cameras to assist us in taking inventory of the remaining bucks.  We will focus on feeding areas and especially spots we can get in and out undetected.  That can be a bit tricky in the late season.  Deer have been heavily pressured for the last month and are on high alert.  If the deer senses human pressure, they could move to another area or stay nocturnal.  Be smart about where you place your cameras and when you check your cameras.  If at all possible, check them at mid-day when most deer are taking a nap or aren’t on that part of the farm.

Something that could be very beneficial to those that scout with their Covert’s, time lapse mode.  This feature can be very handy, allowing you to pin point what time deer are entering the food source and the trails they are utilizing.  This information can be very beneficial and could help you in establishing an ambush point, if a stand is not already in place.

Don’t fret if you still haven’t gotten your buck.  The late season can offer some great hunting and better yet, the deer can become more patternable again.  With the chaos of the rut behind us, for the most part, deer can start settling down and get into a routine again.  Again, food is key, they will be eating as much as possible to build up their reserves for the upcoming winter.  If a buck is still hunting a hot doe, you can bet he will be checking the feeding areas in the evening.

Also, look for boomerang bucks.  These are bucks that utilized your farms during the summer and late fall, but disbursed during the rut.  A lot of times bucks will return in the late season.  Stay diligent and don’t get lazy on your scent reduction routines, it will payoff.

Good Luck My Friends!